Having a property maintenance contract is a guarantee that a property and its outside areas are kept in good order and top condition. By signing a property maintenance contract with a professional property management company, the owner of the property not only avoids problem associated with the operating of the property, but also saves time and money. This is important for those whose property remains vacant for a long period of time and who do not live permanently in Cyprus.

Services include:
- Checking correspondence and sending reports to the owner as necessary;
- Regular inspection and venting  of the property;
- Keeping accounts, analyzing and keeping a record of bills for community facilities, clearing up any billing discrepancies;
- Overseeing and managing payments of fees;
- Representing the owner's interests in governmental authorities of the Republic of Cyprus on matters relating to the property;
- Drafting and applying claims to the insurance company in cases of damage or loss:
- Cooperating with the security agency, securing the property and informing the owners of the property about matters that require urgent attention;
- Monitoring of staff (gardener, cleaner, etc.)
- Monitoring automatic systems, such as the irrigation system, security system, pool system, etc)
- Hiring contractors if repairs in the property are necessary and monitoring their work.
The owner of the property can choose some of the services or can buy a full "service package". Price depends on the number of services in the "package".