For Developers

To sign up, please select: «Log in», then choose «Registration» from the list. You will see a registration form, choose «Developer» from the selection under «User type» and complete your personal information: «User name», «E-mail» and «Password» and any information about your company, «Firm name», «Firm license number » and «Firm address».  This type of user was created especially for developers with the benefits of Site users and Realty owner users. You can add a limitless amount of adverts. Developers can give the rights to his employees or members of his groups to manage the company’s advertisements. Developers can allow their employees or other members in their group/s as admin and manage the company’s advertisements.

How to create a group?

Developers can create groups. If you want to create a group, please select, form the bottom of the page, «Log in» and from the right-hand corner, «Groups», then you add a group and type «Group name» and «Group description». Now you can add members in you group, but they should already have personal accounts on the site. You should type «Member login or e-mail», «Member name» and «Member description» and they will receive an invitation to join the group. You can make changes to the group and add and delete members at any time.