For Owners

To add an advertisement click «Add property» and fill out the necessary information: «Property type», «Object type», «Deal type», «Address», then select: «Proceed». You will see a page with property features, and will need to complete:  «Area», «Total and Living», «About Real Estate» (Condition, Bedrooms, Construction), «Floor», «View» and «Distances to the sea and to the shops». Next, add a description of your property and select: «Translate to other languages». The advertisement will be translated automatically into three other languages: Russian, Chinese and Greek. Finally, you will need to fill out your contact information, add a price, pictures and select a status. «Published».

Congratulations! Now your advertisement is live on the CyprusOwners site!

How to edit advertisements?

To edit your advertisement you need to select the correct option from «My realty offers». You will see all of your advertisements. Next, select: «Change» and make your edits on the right hand corner of the page. Finally, select «Proceed».

How to delete advertisements?

To delete your advert you need select «My realty offers» found in the right-hand corner. You will see all your advertisements. On the right-hand side of each advert are «Change», and «Delete».  Select the latter.