I have registered on the site, logged in, but I can not add a real estate - it shows the message "Access denied". What am I doing wrong?

There are three types of user on the site:

1) “Site user” – the user type, which is set as default when a new user is registered, the user type does not allow for real estate listings, it exists only for those who are looking for real estate. Site User has the ability of saving favorite listings and sending based on special set-up parameters and more, but is unable to allocate properties on the site.

2) “Realty owner” – the user type is able to add properties to the site’s database, but not more than 5 items, and to use the full of the site properties, but not more than five properties, and to use the full functionality of the site.

3) “Developer” – the user type which gives the ability to post real estate listings directly from the developer without restrictions on the number of real estate items. The type also allows creating groups of “Realty owner” type users – this is useful when the developer has several employees or branches selling real estate. Registration of the type is possible only after documents confirming the Developer status are verified by the site’s Administration. Users, who are members of Developer group, have no restrictions on the placement of ads. In order to give advertisements the user type must be “Realty owner” or “Developer”; to change the user’s status please log in into the Personal Account and change the “User Type” in the personal data. Please note that you can change the user type only once!


To use the entire functionality of the Complete Cyprus Property Database when you search and add new objects, you must register. Your personal data is secured. You can also restrict your contacts for public viewing of visitors.

Before publication each ad will be carefully studied by our moderator, and if we require additional information, we will contact you via contact details given when you registered.

We do not accept offers of agents.  Only ads of owners or their representatives can be placed to the Complete Cyprus Property Database. For more information on working with the database and search on this property portal please see F.A.Q.


What is the purpose of the CprusOwners project?

The project has been created as an online platform for a common base of the Cyprus property provided by property owners. The project allows listing of residential and commercial property for sale and rent, connecting buyers and property owners directly, without thirdsmen and agents. There are a few similar projects in Cyprus, but our project have an advantage of ease of use and extensive functionality, which the other projects do not have. The site provides the opportunity for ambitious partner programmes, the website Administration welcomes any mutually beneficial collaboration that can strengthen and improve the delivery of our services not only in Cyprus but also beyond.

I was blocked for unknown reasons. Whom should I speak to?

In case you are blocked, information about the blocking will be displayed while you logging in. In case you are blocked by mistake please contact the website administration via the feedback form (http://www.cyprusowners.com/en/info/contacts) and give your login name – the website administration will check all the information, and if there was a mistake when blocking, the user will be unlocked.

Is the site an agent?

The site has been designed to provide real estate without agents – involving only a seller and a buyer, B2C. The website Administration closely monitors incoming ads and can conclude if the user is an agent and places agents’ ads. In that case, the website Administration blocks the user, and the user will not be able to gain an access to the site any more.

I'm not an agent but a representative of an owner. Can I place a property?

Yes, you can place the property of the owner, but only under the provision of a scanned copy of the property title or documents certifying that the owner entrusts to sale the real estate - it can be a power of attorney. Yes, in that case, you can place properties that are not yours, but the website Administration reserves the right to check ads placed to identify agencies or non bona fide users.

I am the owner of several real estate properties. How can I place all the items, so as not to be blocked by mistake, i.e. the system would not accept me as an agent?

The best way to place ads to the database without a fear to be blocked is to attach a real estate’s title essentially as if there are two or more duplicate ads on the same property placed by different users the one who does not attach the real estate’s title will be blocked. If you also find out that your property has been placed to our database without your privity, you can complain of a particular ad by pressing the “Complain” button - if the information is confirmed the ad will be deleted and the user will be blocked.

I am a real estate agent. Is the site useful for me?

If you are a real estate agent, then you are not allowed to post advertisements in our database. However, you can use our database to search for properties of your interest. The site also offers an affiliate programme, which allows you renting the site and using it for your own purposes providing your contact details, your company style and logo.

How can I delete a property item?

If you want to delete your property, there is a “Delete” button in the property listing details – press it and the item will be deleted.

I do not remember the password to my account, how do I recover it?

In order to reset your password, please visit the "Register" section and click on "Password reminder". Then please specify the E-mail you registered with the account and the verification code (CAPCHA). To the specified address you will receive an email with a key that will let you reset your forgotten password and a link to be opened. Press the link, on the page opened, enter the key and your Email address. After this, on your Email you will receive a new generated password to login.

Why register on the site?

Registration on the site gives you access to your personal account and opens the following functionality for users:

• When searching for real estate save your favorite items to your favorites.
• Keep a history of viewed properties.
• Subscribe to the newsletter about new real estate offers of specific criteria.
• Place your ads on our website

What is a subscription?

This feature exists in order to create a subscription to search for specific criteria of real estate, in which case all new listings relevant to criteria you specified are sent to you by e-mail. A handy feature for searching.

How much does it cost to place real estates and advertise on the website?

The cost of advertising on the site is negotiated with the administrator separately. The site administrator can also consider the possibility of placing your banner in return of placing a CyprusOwners banner on your site.

I am the owner of the property for sell, but I do not want to show my personal information for public viewing. How can I maintain privacy?

When placing an ad, you can specify to publish or not to publish your contacts.

I want to put my property on the special offer page. What do I need to do for it?

If you want to put your property as a special offer you need to contact us via the feedback form. Please note that the special offer advertising is a paid service.