For Buyers

How to find advertisements on the site?

You can use the quick search option on the main page to find property or select «Find Properties», to choose specific characteristics, using an extended search. You have to sign up to get the contact information about the Realty Owner.

Sign up

Sign up with Facebook or your Google account!


Don’t have an account? Read the instructions bellow:

To sign up, click on «Log in», then choose «Registration» from the list. You will see a registration form which you will need to complete with your personal information: «User name», «E-mail» and «Password».  Then select which type of user from «User type». After reading «Regulations» you should click «Read & Agree».

Complete your registration process by typing in the words and numbers shown on the screen in the «Verification code» section for the security check. If you cannot read the code, you can change it by choosing «Another code».  When you have finished filling out your personal information, you will need to confirm your e-mail address. Check your e-mail inbox and click on the confirmation link sent by Cyprusowners to finish your registration process. 

Congratulations, you have now become a member!


User Types-Explained:


1.    Site user – you can view all contact information about realty or business owners, but you cannot add advertisements to the site.  To add advertisements you have to change your user type from «Site user» to «Realty Owner» in the “Personal data” section.

2.    Realty owner – you can see all contact information about realty or business owners and you can also edit; add property, make changes and delete your property listings.

3.    Developer – this was created especially for developers. This includes the benefits of Site users and Realty owners. In addition, you can add a limitless amount of adverts. Developers can allow their employees or other members in their group/s as admin and manage the company’s advertisements.