Legal advice

It is recommended to carry out complete legal support regarding the purchase of property in Cyprus using the help of highly qualified licensed layer. In this case your rights will be legibly insured by the relevant Cyprus laws.

Here are some of the responsibilities to be executed by a layer:
- Framing of property sale-purchase agreement taking into the account all aspects of Cyprus legislation;
- Verification of the availability of all authorizations for property to be purchased; arrangements for waiver of the rights from the party of property developer-creditor;
- Obtaining of the permits for property purchase from Cyprus Council of Ministers;
- Sale-purchase agreement depositing and stamp duty payment;
- VAT relief formalization;
- Settlement of you immigration issues (registration certificate, citizenship).

It is desirable to use the services of a layer in order to carry out below-listed procedure on property purchase, and in some cases it is even necessary, for example, when borrowing with a bank to buy property. In case there is a need to obtain a loan, a bank, as a rule, will request a document confirming that a licensed layer has clarified to you the terms and conditions of loan reimbursement, and also peculiarities connected with the transfer of property into your ownership.

After property sale-purchase agreement has been signed and minimum 30% of its price has been paid, property sale-purchase agreement is deposited with state authorities, namely Land District office. As a result, you become the Property Owner.

The essence of an agreement depositing is that public registrar formalizes and secures the current status of your property. From this moment on, only you can obtain a loan with a bank against security of your property, and the Seller cannot do that as the right of first claim from now onwards belongs to you.

You become the practical owner when payment for the property is transferred in full and Acceptance certificate is signed.

When the State formalizes Title Deed for the property purchased and renders it in your favor, you become Registered Property Owner. Herewith you shall pay the corresponding tax called Transfer Fee.

Cyprus Title Deed provides the absolute right for immovable property ownership. Nobody under any circumstances will ever be able to dispute your right. Let’s theoretically assume that one day you or devisee will receive an official letter from the local authorities stating that it is planned to construct a road through your plot of land, and you are recommended to either waive your property being compensated or to choose between “agree or refuse”. In the second case, there are no legal norms (There is no other way in Cyprus!) to make you waive your property rights.

In order to transfer Title Deed in your favor, you shall obtain the permission from Cyprus Council of Ministers. Actually, such permission is a mere formality. You can be refused only in case you name is found in Interpol lists or in case you fail to observe the restrictions while purchasing property (for example, there are restrictions as per quantity of units and size of a plot of land in case you buy it for a private person non EU citizen).

Usually, permit application for Council of Ministers is submitted immediately after the signing and depositing of sale-purchase agreement.

In case you buy new property then, as a rule, it has no Title Deed. Currently, the process of Title Deed issues is a long bureaucratic procedure which may take from 1 up to 3 years. But it is lengthy and thorough state examination of the correctness of all aspects connected with the construction, that makes Title Deed a document which indestructibly ensures your rights of a Property Owner.